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Welcome, and congratulations on your decision to join the most powerful cash-generating system on the Internet - the Cash Tracking System. You now can become a member in our private activity by completing the following two steps:

  • 1. Acquire your “Presentation Center” website, and
  • 2. Activate your “Cash Tracking System” software.

You will then be provided information on how to complete your pledge and how to access the training information to help you get started. First, you’ll need to acquire your website.

There are four major modules to our site:

1. The Presentation Center

- where you send prospects who are evaluating your opportunity (this is likely where you learned about this program).

2. The CTS Back Office

- which contains the remarkable software that will automatically manage your entire organization as you grow your enterprise.

3. The Training Center

- which contains in-depth audio and video trainings on all aspects of how to work this program.

4. The Support Center

- which is your direct line to the Support Team for assistance in answering any question about this activity that you may have.

This powerful site is available on a subscription basis ONLY, and the entire site is available to all members. NOTE: The Member Tools and the Training Center will only be accessible AFTER your inviter has confirmed receipt of your pledge.

This site is provided on a subscription basis for the low, low monthly fee of only $34.95. Please Note: There is an additional one-time $25 set-up fee for your personal Presentation Center website, making a total of $59.95 for your first month.

Once your pledge is confirmed by your inviter, you will receive unlimited access to the entire site, and you can invite as many prospects as you wish to the Presentation Center. Only YOU are allowed in your password protected, members-only Training Center and your private Back Office in the Cash Tracking System.

Each site will be personalized with the information that you provide at setup. This is the personal information that you want your prospects to see when they click the "Contact Your Inviter" link.

Click the “Join Now” button below to begin the registration process, and to get this powerful site working for you. When you have completed that short process, you’ll be automatically forwarded to the Cash Tracking System module where you will select your levels of participation with our program, and complete your registration process.

Congratulations, you’ve just taken a major step towards your financial freedom.

Click the “Join Now” button below to begin.

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